Moksha Living

Moksha Living

MOKSHA [ mohk-shuh ] ; liberation ...transcend from the mundane into the extraordinary


Have you ever felt stuck, feeling like you are repeating the same cycles over and over with little movement in your health and wellness?We have all felt stuck at times and wellness coaching allows you to have a personal mirror into your own wellness. We will investigate what is stopping you from living up to your true potential with practical tools that will be easy to implement into your daily routine. Living well means that you have balance in your life, and it doesn't look or feel the same for everyone. Lets find the negative patterns and figure out a way to stop repeating them. Einstein said it best "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result." I offer free 30 minute consultations, Call to schedule yours.



30 minute free consultation

Series of Wellness Therapy- prices vary based on outcome of consultation