Moksha Living

Moksha Living

MOKSHA [ mohk-shuh ] ; liberation ...transcend from the mundane into the extraordinary


A private yoga class is an opportunity to explore your physical needs as a student, a class tailored just for you and your body. There is room for plenty of questions as well room to voice concerns. It is a one on one experience, just you and a teacher. what a wonderful forum to grow!


Yoga Therapy Prices

60 minute session $75

90 minute session(recommended) $105

off-site yoga available...your home, beach, hotel, anywhere we can fit a yoga mat...

additional $20 (distance may vary price)



Package of 6 one hour sessions $420

package of 6 one and a half hour sessions (highly recommended) $600



groups of 3 or more...


off-site available with additional charge

*late cancel within 24 hours $35, late cancel within 12 hours full session charge